[whatwg] Mathematics in HTML5

Øistein E. Andersen html5 at xn--istein-9xa.com
Mon Jun 19 04:24:32 PDT 2006

On 17 Jun 2006, at 2:15PM, White Lynx wrote:
>Oistein E. Andersen wrote:
>>The current proposal does not seem to include the following elements of ISO-12083:
>>    - <fence> with arbitrary delimiters (possibly not a good idea)

>Probably it is better to list number of delimiters explicitly like in LaTeX.

Yes, probably.

>>    - labelled arrows [...]

>'over' and 'under' elements can be used to put label above or below the arrow (also it will not stretch arrow).

Do you mean that ISO-12083 labelled arrows are not supposed to stretch? 

>>    - spacing (intended to be handled without explicit mark-up)


Sorry, I meant without introducing new _elements_.

Øistein E. Andersen

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