[whatwg] Mathematics in HTML5

White Lynx whitelynx at operamail.com
Tue Jun 20 04:40:31 PDT 2006

Robert O'Callahan  wrote:

> From my point of view, a <fraction> element that can be implemented using
> inline-block in the UA style sheet seems like a reasonable thing to support
> in HTML5, since it's basically no effort and is a small increment over
> existing <sup> etc.

Thus fractions work in MSIE, Opera, Prince. One of Mozilla developers 
admits that including fractions in HTML5 makes sense. Seems like no problems
on browsers side. Include them in HTML5 and at least school level mathematics
will get its place on web. 

This is small step but it is still important as torturing people that need to
include simple formulae in web page with complex machinery involving XHTML,
namespaces, MathML that requires extra plugins in most of browsers, 
sometimes XSLT or JS, from the very beginning makes web very distructive 
for math and not only math folks. So small step in right direction makes sense.

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