[whatwg] [HTML5] Named start values for lists?

Lachlan Hunt lachlan.hunt at lachy.id.au
Wed Jun 28 06:34:58 PDT 2006

James Graham wrote:
>> * Would implementations have difficulty with re-numbering list items in
>> linked lists, when a new <li> is dynamically inserted into a previous 
> list?
> I would hope not since that's one of the big attractions of this model.

Perhaps not so much for browsers that natively support it, but for a JS 
implementation designed for backwards compatibility in current browsers, 
it would have to listen for the the events like DOMNodeInserted, 
DOMNodeRemoved and DOMAttrModified (and possibly some others).  They'd 
be needed to handle all cases of list items or entire lists being 
inserted or removed, as well as changing values for the |start|, |value| 
and |continue| attributes for all <ol> and <li> elements, and then 
update all linked lists appropriately.

That could get quite complex and complexity increases the chances of 
introducing bugs.  Besides, not all current browsers support those 
events, which would make a JS implementation quite limited.

Lachlan Hunt

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