[whatwg] image captions

Mihai Sucan mihai.sucan at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 09:51:31 PDT 2006

Le Wed, 28 Jun 2006 18:47:13 +0300, Hugh Winkler <hughw at wellstorm.com> a  

> How about an anchor with rel="caption":
> <a rel="caption" href="#caption1"><img src="x.jpg"/></a>
> <span id="caption1">man bites dog</span>
> or
> <img id="img1" src="x.jpg"/>
> <span id="caption1"><a rel="caption" rev="#img1">man bites  
> dog</caption></span>

I like the first example code. The latter is too verbose.

Yet, the first can't have the image linked to another page or to a higher  
resolution. This limits the use cases.

I'm sticking to my initial suggestion. The new caption attribute for IMG  
would do no harm, and it would just serve its purpose.

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