[whatwg] 2.20.2 The command element - icon attribute

Matthew Raymond mattraymond at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 1 23:18:18 PST 2006

ROBO Design wrote:
> I'd highly recommend not to define the icon attribute, or any other  
> attribute with possible relation to presentation. This fuels accusations  
> that what this specification defines is not "as semantical as" the XHTML 2  
> specification (I've read some "WHATWG bashing" in some blog posts).
> Defining icons and other presentational endeavours must definitely be left  
> to CSS WG.

   I think the idea is that the <command> element is defining the icon
to appear for any element that has a |command| attribute defined. That
said, you could probably replace it with the following CSS:

| command#myID::before, *[command="myID"]::before {
|   content: url(icon.png);
| }

   So, I guess I'm inclined to agree with you...

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