[whatwg] Targetting different anchors after submitting the form

Ric Hardacre ric at hardacre.org
Mon Mar 6 09:05:13 PST 2006

Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> Quoting ROBO Design <robodesign at gmail.com>:
>> <...>
>>> <form action="order_place.asp">
>>> <input type="submit" value="PLACE ORDER">
>>> <input type="submit" value="SAVE QUOTE" action="quote_add.asp#thanks">
>>> <input type="submit" value="RECALCULATE TOTALS" action="#here">
>>> </form>
> What's wrong with using the "form" attribute to point to multiple forms? 
> One
> submits to one place, the other submits to another place.

that might do it. can the data in my hypothetical cart belong to all the 
forms at once?

ric hardacre

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