[whatwg] JSONRequest

Jim Ley jim.ley at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 16:51:25 PST 2006

On 3/17/06, Douglas Crockford <douglas at crockford.com> wrote:
> > The cache rules are unworkable, please remove these and use standard
> > HTTP methods for suggesting the cacheability of a resource, forcing
> > them to be uncacheable is unworkable w.r.t. to proxy caches and
> > extremely unwelcome within the browser.
>   Applications must not cache responses to a POST request because the
>   application has no way of knowing that the server would return an
>   equivalent response on some future request.

Of course the application can know that, that's what HTTP cache
control headers are for, the cacheability of a resource is easy to
advertise, and all browsers should know it.

Please explain your use cases for making no JSONRequest cacheable, it
really is completely silly to me and an absolute deal breaker, I
assume it's because working for yahoo you need not worry about such
things as bandwidth and cost.


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