[whatwg] Built Firefox, time to get cracking

Ric Hardacre whatwg at cycloid.f9.co.uk
Wed Mar 22 01:17:52 PST 2006

Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Mar 2006, Ric Hardacre wrote:
>> title says it all really, only took me a few days of trying, heh. 
>> There's little to no chance that anything i do stick in will make it 
>> into the trunk (esp as i'm only building FX not seamonkey) but it should 
>> all be good clean fun anyway, what does anyone think i should toy with 
>> first? quite tempted to have a go at some of the forms stuff, 
>> specifically the submit button overrides (action, etc.)
> That would be my suggestion too, but I highly recommend discussing this 
> with Mozilla engineers to make sure you don't work on something they 
> either won't accept or are already working on.

well ATM I'm just looking through the sources familiarizing myself. 
attaching a form element (apart from a submit button) to an arbitrary 
form looks relatively simple as the relationship for form submission is 
separate to the DOM. but I'm only working from the 1.5 source at the mo 
(i wanted to get *a* build together). Will do CVS next but like i said, 
i'm not really expecting my changes to make it into the trunk, but i 
suppose there's no harm in asking... someone got PING in there after all.

Ric Hardacre

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