[whatwg] <progress> draft

Ric Hardacre ric at hardacre.org
Tue Mar 28 00:15:21 PST 2006

Michael 'Ratt' Iannarelli wrote:


Disk Quota: <meter min="0" value="0.45" max="1">45%</meter>
Cloud Cover: <meter min="0" value="0.45" max="1">45%</meter>
Download Progress: <meter min="0" value="0.45" max="1">45%</meter>

pedantically added the enclosed 45% text for non-supporting UAs.

> The only difference between meter and progress is the potential for 
> progress to be dynamic. The "how" progress will be dynamic has yet to be 
> defined in the spec. If the method turns out to be as simple as setting 
> an attribute task="someTask" then <meter task="someTask"> </meter> could 
> direct the user agent to display a progress-style bar when someTask is 
> initiated.
> One element to implement as opposed to two.


if the <meter> tag defaults to min="0" max="1" and value="0" with no 
high,low or optimum then it would certainly look and act the same as a 
progress bar. <progress> would therefore appear to be a special case
of meter.

so the question is: is the relationship as <input type="password"> is to 
<input type="text">? or is it more like <b> vs <strong>? (where one is 
purely stylable and the other has meaning). i think the former is 
unlikely but there may be a case to be made for the latter.

but as with <b> vs <strong> the authors and hackers will abuse it, one 
will get used in place of the other just as Michael has shown, and there 
will be no way of running a w3c style validator to check for correct usage.

Ric Hardacre

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