[whatwg] <progress> draft

fantasai fantasai.lists at inkedblade.net
Tue Mar 28 15:41:11 PST 2006

mozer wrote:
> Hello
> I18N Matter for Progress:
> In Step for finding one or two number
> It's only look for 0-9 number.
> So what about number in other languages ?
> So why not forcing use of <code>m</code> element for numbers
> <progress><m>30</m> out of <m>45</m></progress>
> in that case m has to be a number in whatever encoding even in RTL it 
> will be parsable

RTL languages are encoded logically, just like LTR languages. What
appears *first* is first, not what appears to the *left*. Numbers are
always LTR. I don't think there's any issue wrt bidi.

Numbers in other languages could be an issue. I don't expect to see
e.g. Chinese numbers in a progress meter or gauge--they use Western-style
digits for calculations and such--but I wouldn't be surprised to see Arabic
use its own numbering system.

Another i18n issue is commas vs. periods as the decimal point.

A typographical issue is the use of punctuation or spaces as the thousands

Another issue is the possible use of U+2212 MINUS SIGN intead of U+002D
HYPHEN-MINUS. This last, at least, should be handled whenever the number
is parsed from the text content rather than in an attribute.


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