[whatwg] Show upload progress

Joaquin Cuenca Abela e98cuenc at yahoo.com
Sat May 6 16:04:06 PDT 2006

Matthew wrote:
>On May 6, 2006, at 7:41 PM, Joaquin Cuenca Abela wrote:
>> 1) the file the user is going to upload is expected to be > 0.5M
>> 2) once uploaded, the html with the response is extremelly small 
>> compared to the file(s) uploaded
>> In that use-case you want a bigger progress bar, on a very visible 
>> spot on the page, and giving the user a clue of the time remaining.
> Sure. But again, it would be much easier and more consistent if the 
> browser showed a bigger progress bar, overlayed on the page, with an 
> estimate of time remaining, for *all* uploads likely to take more than 
> about 5 seconds -- rather than some Web sites doing it and most not.

Indeed, that will be nicer than the status quo, but showing a progress bar in the middle of the page without the collaboration of the webpage author will break those pages that use a target for the form, as they are expecting their webpage to remain usable even when the user is uploading a file.

Stamping a big progress bar in the middle of the page may cover and render unusable some useful part of these pages.

While I see your case for improving the standard progress bar for the upload of files for forms that lack a target, I still think there is also a case for people that want to choose the position, size, style, etc. of the progress bar and what information to show to its users, and a little collaboration from the browser would make that task a lot easier.

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