[whatwg] another hello + general availability question?

Burak Emir Burak.Emir at epfl.ch
Wed May 10 02:20:27 PDT 2006

Hi, seeing Pablo's mail I decided I should introduce myself too. I am 
doing research in programming languages and would prefer if I had 
JavaScript generated rather than written by hand, so as to make 
interaction with server side code easier. I somehow continue to work on 
the far less exciting topic of integrating XML processing into the Scala 
programming language.

I would like to play around with an implementation of WA and identify 
some issues that are of concern in programming language design. (For 
instance, it seems to me that one might map different style of event 
handling  based on Erlang-style actors quite neatly onto JavaScript, 
saving a lot of characters to express this callback sort of business)

I lurked a while on this list hoping that somewant would post a URL to 
some such implementation. My limited understanding is that it would 
require writing a browser, and that my existing installations of 
firefox, safari, camino would not support the discussed additions in 
their *current* public release. Am I wrong?

Burak Emir

Burak Emir


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