[whatwg] Spec errors (Canvas & Storage)

Jens Bannmann jens.b at web.de
Sat May 13 23:43:19 PDT 2006

1) Canvas (chapter

 > If the value has alpha less than 1.0, then the value must instead be
 > returned in the CSS rgba()  functional-notation format: the literal
 > string rgba (U+0072 U+0067 U+0062 U+0061) followed by a U+0028 LEFT
 > PARENTHESIS, a base-ten integer in the range 0-255 representing the
 > red component (using digits 0-9, U+0030 to U+0039), a literal U+0020
 > SPACE and U+002C COMMA, an integer for the green component, a space
 > and a comma, an integer for the blue component, another space and
 > comma, a U+0030 DIGIT ZERO, a U+002E FULL STOP (representing the
 > decimal point), one or more digits in the range 0-9 (U+0030 to
 > U+0039) representing the fractional part of the alpha value, and
 > finally a U+0029 RIGHT PARENTHESIS.

This would result in "rgba(255 ,64 ,64 ,128)". I guess the spaces should
be following the comma, so the order of "comma" and "space" should be
reversed each of the three times it is mentioned.

I already sent this to the list on March 20th, and Olli Pettay sent a 
mail a few hours earlier, but both went unnoticed.

2) While we are at it: do we really want a returned value of
    "rgba(064, 007, 00000000009, 128)"
to be legal? I suppose a CSS parser would allow it, but as we're
specifying the exact format here, the spec should probably
explicitly disallow (or even allow?) zero-padded integers.

3) Storage (chapter
http://example.com/:18080 should be http://example.com:18080/


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