[whatwg] "canvas" tag and animations ?

Andrew Fedoniouk news at terrainformatica.com
Tue May 16 14:10:14 PDT 2006

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| On Mon, 13 Jun 2005, Charles Iliya Krempeaux wrote:
| >
| > Now, I know that people are going to want to create animations using
| > this.  So, what I was wondering is if there are any built in facilities
| > for this?  (I didn't notice anything in the spec for it.)
| Just redraw the canvas. :-)
| > For example, is there a method of "double buffering"?  So that you don't
| > have to watch the canvas being "drawn" right before your eyes. For slow
| > systems, or complex drawing operations, this can become a problem.
| Canvases are automatically double-buffered.

Why? Is this a requirement?
If you need double-buffering then create an Image, draw on it and render image 
in onPaint method or so.
This is more flexible at least.

Andrew Fedoniouk.

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