[whatwg] Comments on <canvas> tag

Peter Hall peterjoel at gmail.com
Sat May 20 08:12:17 PDT 2006

On 5/17/06, David Flanagan <david at davidflanagan.com> wrote:
> What surprises me about the omission of dashed lines is that every
> graphics API I'm familiar with (Xlib, PostScript, Java 2D) supports
> dashed lines. Unless there is some important platform out there that
> does not support them in the underlying graphics library, it seems to me
> that it would have been trivial to add dashed lines to the API.

Flash is an example of a platform that does not support dashed lines in its
drawing API. Dashed lines created in the Flash Authoring tool are actually
exported into a swf as a series of short curves.

However, this is a huge limitation, when it comes to drawing lines
dynamically, so I don't think one platform's omission of the feature is a
good argument anyway.

It is a reasonable and worthwhile goal to natively support emulation of all
style attributes that are specifiable in CSS.

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