[whatwg] <script type=""> and <style type=""> parsing

Anne van Kesteren fora at annevankesteren.nl
Sun May 21 04:44:02 PDT 2006

Based on http://testsuite.org/html/elements/script/001.htm and  
http://testsuite.org/html/elements/style/001.htm and the results in  
Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera it seems parsing can be made  
pretty strict. The only real problem is <script> with the type=""  
attribute set to the empty string. It seems all three browsers treat  
that as if it was an ECMAScript/JavaScript type, while in fact it is  
not. Internet Explorer handles the same situation with <style>  

Ian, perhaps you have statistics that show we don't have to worry  
about <script type=""> and can make the specification to say that  
browsers must ignore the content in that case?

By the way, I was planning on filing bugs on Mozilla for both the  
testcases, but couldn't find out what the right component would be.  
Anyone with ideas?

Anne van Kesteren

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