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> Lachlan Hunt wrote:
> > Ian Hickson wrote:
> >> Joe Clark wrote:
> >>> http://blog.fawny.org/2006/10/28/tbl-html/
> > 
> > FYI, my response to that his here. 
> > http://lachy.id.au/log/2006/10/fixing-html
> Joe Clark has responed.
> http://lachy.id.au/log/2006/10/fixing-html#comment-713
> His comment is copied here for discussion.
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> > 
> > caption generically applicable to tables and figures: We can call it 
> > legend if you'd like.

I think this is a good idea. Caption could be used with just about any embedded content. 

Taking cues form the label element for forms you could either make the association explicit by
wrapping the caption around the element its captioning
   <embed ...>
   A funny video of a man being hit in the groin by a football

or make the association implicit by using the for attribute
<embed id="funnyVid" ...>
<caption for="funnyVid">A funny video of a man being hit in the groin by a football</caption>

[not that it matters but "Football in the Groin" is from a Simpsons episode]

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