[whatwg] Footnotes, endnotes, sidenotes

Matthew Paul Thomas mpt at myrealbox.com
Sat Nov 4 05:25:43 PST 2006

On Oct 31, 2006, at 7:57 AM, Alexey Feldgendler wrote:
> On Tue, 31 Oct 2006 21:54:12 +0600, David Walbert 
> <dwalbert at learnnc.org> wrote:
> ...
>> I would never want to require that a footnote be read to anyone,
>> thereby interrupting the text -- it is in the nature of a footnote to
>> be optional reading and to stand apart from the text. Any user should
>> have the option of reading/hearing it, or not.
> But how would the user know that there is a footnote anchored to a 
> specific place?
> ...

By a variation on the way the screenreader tells them there is a link 
anchored to a specific place. For example, an unobtrusive sound effect 
at each footnote reference, and a command to read the last-encountered 

Matthew Paul Thomas

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