[whatwg] Table integrity and conformance

Alexey Feldgendler alexey at feldgendler.ru
Thu Nov 9 21:28:20 PST 2006

On Fri, 10 Nov 2006 00:36:20 +0600, Henri Sivonen <hsivonen at iki.fi> wrote:

>>> Do you mean moving all TFOOTs after TBODYs, so that the HTML 4.01
>>> placement would be forbidden?

>> TFOOT should be allowed before TBODY because it helps progessive
>> rendering on paged media. I'm not sure if it should be allowed
>> after TBODY as well -- the renderer cannot finish layout of the
>> first page until it knows whether or not there is a TFOOT at the end.

> HTML 4.01 has had TFOOT above TBODY for years. Have progressive paged
> media renderers made use of it? Can you give examples of shipping
> progressive paged media renderers?

Maybe Prince? I don't know, really.

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