[whatwg] The IMG element, proposing a CAPTION attribute

Ian Hickson ian at hixie.ch
Fri Nov 10 16:16:16 PST 2006

On Fri, 10 Nov 2006, Michel Fortin wrote:
> And today's browsers also have problems with <caption> outside a table, 
> which implies that my previously proposed markup for this:
>     <figure>
>       <caption>caption text</caption>
>       ... figure content here ...
>     </figure>
> would not work correctly in today's browsers. But if you look at things 
> in another way, today's Firefox can't handle <section>, <aside>, 
> <header>, and <footer> correctly either (stopping the section at the 
> first block-level element!).

The difference is that <caption> will never work, because of things like 

           <img ...>
           <caption> ...A... </caption>

...which, for legacy compatibility reasons, must result in a DOM where the 
text with "A" ends up in a second <caption> element that is a child of the 
<table> element.

The idea of having markup of this form:

     <-caption-> ... </-caption->

...is a fine idea, however, which has been proposed multiple times, and 
I'm sure we'll use some variant on that. We just can't use <caption>. Or 
<label>, because that's for form controls.

I imagine we'll use <legend>. Parsers are a bit erratic with it right now, 
but we're requiring them to shape up for the parser part of the spec 
already, and the <details> element uses it already.

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