[whatwg] Editorial: innerHTML in XML

Anne van Kesteren annevk at opera.com
Wed Nov 22 04:16:42 PST 2006

The prose just before the algorithm talks about setting on a document node  
where the algorithm itself, step 3, suddenly talks about element nodes.  
That should be sorted out I think.

Furthermore, the prose just before the algorithm says "On setting, if the  
node is a document, the innerHTML DOM attribute on must run the following  
algorithm:" at the moment. I suppose the second "on" should've been "user  

Did bz by the way have any suggestions on what innerHTML should then do in  
XML documents? I mean, if it it's on HTMLElement and we won't intrudce  
TEXTSLASHHTMLHTMLElement (I hope not!) it still needs to do something  
there. Might as well be useful.

Anne van Kesteren

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