[whatwg] The IMG element, proposing a CAPTION attribute

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at michelf.com
Wed Nov 22 07:34:05 PST 2006

Le 22 nov. 2006 à 9:53, Alexey Feldgendler a écrit :

> <figure> cannot be used like this:
> <table>
>    <thead>
>      <tr>
>        <th>Painting</th>
>        <th>Title</th>
>        <th>Author</th>
>      </tr>
>    </thead>
>    <tbody>
>      <tr>
>        <td><img id="img1" src="..."></td>
>        <td><label for="img1" type="title">Mona Lisa</label></td>
>        <td>Leonardo da Vinci</td>
>      </tr>
>      ...
>    </tbody>
> </table>

Hum, now that I see your example again, I understand that I haven't  
adressed at all what you meant.

Well, indeed that's a limitation of <figure>: it can't span across  
different table cells. But on the other side, I don't think I'd call  
"Mona Lisa" a caption in your example. It's certainly a title  
however, and I think the table makes the association pretty clear by  

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at michelf.com

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