[whatwg] <time> authoring hints and API suggestion

Anne van Kesteren annevk at opera.com
Sun Nov 26 03:46:11 PST 2006

It's quite clear how conformance checkers have to check the datatime=""  
attribute and the contents of the element, but what authors have to do is  
not made very clear in the document.

As for the APIs. Is there any reason you can't just reuse the ECMAScript  
Date object? (Other languages would have to provide their own API.) It's  
flexible enough to provide all the information you need. If you only  
provide a time as author there might be lots of other information in the  
Date object that isn't usable (represents "today", I suppose), but you'd  
know that or you could provide hints to that effect by making date, time  
and timezone booleans.

Anne van Kesteren

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