[whatwg] Subject: Re: many messages regarding image captions

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at michelf.com
Tue Nov 28 11:47:41 PST 2006

Le 28 nov. 2006 à 11:09, James Graham a écrit :

> Broad semantics mean that UAs can do fewer useful things with the  
> information. That dilutes the value of having any semantics at all.

Paragraphs are used for so many thing they can hardly be used to  
extract any information at all, yet they're useful because they're a  
natural part of every document and they help humans who navigates  
through the text, either visually or with a text reader. The same can  
be said for "figure": a figure may have a meaning a little more  
precise than a paragraph, the meaning is still very broad. If you  
narrow the meaning, you have to change the word, otherwise it'll be  

Quoted from Wikipedia:

> A figure in writing and publishing is any graphic, text, table or  
> other representation that is unaligned from the main flow of text.  
> Figures are commonly found in scientific and non-scientific  
> articles, but also in books. Some books will have a table of  
> figures--in addition to the table of contents--that lists centrally  
> all the figures appearing in the work.


Michel Fortin
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