[whatwg] Element content models

David Walbert dwalbert at learnnc.org
Thu Nov 30 04:52:00 PST 2006

On Nov 30, 2006, at 4:53 AM, Michael(tm) Smith wrote:

[nested annotations]

>> and it would seem particularly odd to allow that in the limited
>> space of paper but not the free expanse of hypertext.
> I think one reason why existing content models exclude them is
> the problem of how to render them.


Hypertext doesn't seem as much a free expanse when you have to start  
designing a usable page of it; then it becomes dissapointingly  
reminiscient of paper. :-)

Not, of course, that our inability to conceive of how to make it  
useful should necessarily exclude a feature like this, but does  
anyone have a suggestion on how to make nested annotations/citations  
easily readable and usable, and solve the issue of how to number them?

David Walbert
LEARN NC, UNC-Chapel Hill
dwalbert at learnnc.org

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