[whatwg] Allow trailing slash in always-empty HTML5 elements?

Henri Sivonen hsivonen at iki.fi
Thu Nov 30 13:40:19 PST 2006

On Nov 30, 2006, at 17:57, Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis wrote:

> On Thu, 2006-11-30 at 17:16 +0200, Henri Sivonen wrote:
>> Without labels, I do think that regardless of how the HTML5 spec
>> turns out, WordPress has an architectural flaw in its methodology of
>> producing markup. Since the flaw is in the architecture, I am not
>> optimistic of it getting fixed in WordPress because it would require
>> a rewrite. I'm hoping that at some point, a better system enters the
>> market. Meanwhile, asking the WP developers to rewrite theirs seems
>> unproductive.
> Why? WordPress is much more than just the code: it is also a thriving
> brand and community. Any /new/ system would have a big battle on its
> hands to displace established players.

Of course, it would be better to have a better system get the  
community and brand benefits of WordPress. However, I believe that  
motivating the WordPress developers to write a new better but  
incompatible (with old plugins) system is not something that can be  
induced from the outside by just talking. It is the kind of change  
that is more difficult to carry out in an existing team and product  
community than to create a new product identity for. Even if it were  
to happen under the banner of WordPress, it would need to be driven  
by strong will from inside the team. The best way to induce such will  
from the outside is to create competitive pressure.

Henri Sivonen
hsivonen at iki.fi

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