[whatwg] HTML syntax: shortcuts for 'id' and 'class' attributes

David Håsäther hasather at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 16:19:04 PST 2006

(Accidently only sent the first mail to Andrew).

On 12/1/06, Andrew Fedoniouk <news at terrainformatica.com> wrote:
> While we are on the subject of discussing HTML syntax....
> How about following (wild) idea?
> To allow following notation (borrowed from CSS selectors):
> <p.myclass>...</p> is equivalent of
> <p class="myclass">...</p>
> <p#myid>...</p> is equivalent of
> <p id="myid">...</p>
> <p.myclass1.myclass2>...</p> is equivalent of
> <p class="myclass1 myclass2">...</p>
> <p#myid.myclass1.myclass2>...</p> is equivalent of
> <p id="myid" class="myclass1 myclass2">...</p>
> It is syntax sugar of course but at least it will reduce amount of data
> needs to be sent over the wire.

HTML5 is meant to be backwards compatible, so this is out of the question.

David Håsäther

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