[whatwg] Constrains of the value propety of Controls

Joao Eiras joao.eiras at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 06:11:31 PDT 2006

Value isn't readonly, and you might not have an index but a string.
I'm not asking help how to code. I'd like to know what happenns in case  
'VALUE' is set .

Master Br <master at sitesbr.net> escreveu:

> João:
> I think that the correct approach is to define the SELECTED INDEX of the  
> list, never to try setting the list value directly.
> Indeed, I think that the value property is READ-ONLY in this case... so  
> you can NOT set
> Right approach:
> objectSelect.selectedIndex = DESIRED_INDEX;
> Joao Eiras escreveu:
>> Currently, no DOM specification explicitly defines behaviour and  
>> restrictions when setting the value of the value property for elements  
>> part of forms, like select, option, and input. That's however, work  
>> that's being done at WHATWG.
>> Yet, one single case persists:
>>  - the value property of a HMTLSelectElement is a limited domain,  
>> formed by the value of the select's child option elements value  
>> property.
>> Is this a valid assertion ?
>> What is expected to happen when a script tries to set the value of the  
>> value property of a select element, value which doesn't exist among  
>> it's children ? Should the value remain unchanged ? An error thrown ?
>> thank you.

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