[whatwg] getElementsByClassName()

Dean Edwards dean at edwards.name
Mon Oct 23 02:45:15 PDT 2006

On 22/10/06, Anne van Kesteren <fora at annevankesteren.nl> wrote:
> On Sun, 22 Oct 2006 20:16:06 +0200, Dean Edwards <dean at edwards.name> wrote:
> >>>>  So what's the use case over matchAll(".foo.bar.baz") ..?
> >>>
> >>> I didn't know that this had been implemented. Which browser is
> >>> supporting it?
> >>  It's not supported yet. What makes you think it is?
> >
> > You asked for a comparison with an unimplemented standard. We could be
> > here all day doing that.
> Neither getElementsByClassName nor matchAll have implementations (though
> both have scripted implementations). I don't really see your point.

The point is that there is room for all of these methods for
retrieving DOM nodes. As there is no useful existing standard let's
add stuff that people actually want instead of referring them to
vapour ware.


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