[whatwg] Table integrity and conformance

Lachlan Hunt lachlan.hunt at lachy.id.au
Fri Oct 27 16:11:58 PDT 2006

David Walbert wrote:
> Is the headers attribute any more widely used than axis? I admit I've 
> never used either, but I don't typically generate complex data tables.

Yes.  I've been told recently (by Derek Featherstone, I think) that the 
headers attribute actually has better support in screen readers than the 
scope attribute and its use is encouraged for accessibility reasons.

Here's an example of being well used.

I've also used it my self earlier this year on a rather complex table. 
I'd give the link, but the site still hasn't launched.  I also use scope 
fairly often because it's much more convenient than the headers attribute.

I suspect that the problem with the axis attribute is that it's not 
entirely clear from the HTML 4 spec how or when to use it, and, AFAIK, 
there are no known useful implementations that use it.

Lachlan Hunt

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