[whatwg] Joe Clark's Criticisms of the WHATWG and HTML 5

Anders Rundgren anders.rundgren at telia.com
Sun Oct 29 05:38:24 PST 2006

It is equally interesting that W3C intends to start a new browser
authentication WG but have excluded digital signatures and key
provisioning from the charter in spite of the fact that about 10M
people today have to use proprietary browser-plugins in order
to get their work done.  Maybe an answer to that is that this
is only happening in the EU which in this particular space is roughly
5 years ahead of the US government and financial industry.

Anders Rundgren

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Subject: [whatwg] Joe Clark's Criticisms of the WHATWG and HTML 5

   I thought Joe Clark's opinions and criticisms of the WHATWG and HTML5 
might be of interest to people here.


I don't agree with everything he said, but he points out a lot of issues 
and lists several limitations and suggestions.  Some of the suggestions 
are already included or have at least been discussed, but some a new and 
worth looking into.

Lachlan Hunt

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