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On 10/30/06, Ian Hickson <ian at hixie.ch> wrote:
> Hey Joe,
> Joe Clark wrote:
> > http://blog.fawny.org/2006/10/28/tbl-html/


> This is a classic problem in HTML development: The people doing the work
> > are geeks with computer-science interests who do not understand, for
> > example, newspapers, or screenplays, or, really, print publishing in
> > general. In some obscure way, they disdain print publishing, as the Web
> > is not print. Indeed it isn't, but print has structures the Web doesn't,
> > and it doesn't have them because people like these refuse to acknowledge
> > they exist or simply refuse to consider them.
> Note that while it certainly is true that I'm a geek who doesn't
> understand many things outside my sphere of interests, it is _not_ true
> that such concerns are being intentionally ignored here. I encourge you
> and anyone else who has desires for what HTML should do to speak up.

Would you be open to hearing suggestions about how to add native video and
video player support?

(I have alot to say about that.  And there's alot of people and companies
who would find it very very useful.  Rather than doing all the kludges that
are in use today.)

See ya

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