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Hello Henri,

On 10/31/06, Henri Sivonen <hsivonen at iki.fi> wrote:
> On Oct 31, 2006, at 07:43, Lachlan Hunt wrote:


> It would be very nice to have a widely supported, non-proprietary,
> > patent free format on the web, which is also completely free of DRM.
> Agreed.
> > I would love to see Ogg Vorbis/Theora become as successful in the
> > audio and video market as PNG has for images, but the current
> > problem holding it back is the lack of implementation in the major
> > media players and browsers.
> ...
> > Aside from the companies who have a stake in proprietary formats,
> > I'm sure they would like to because they could save money on
> > licensing fees.
> It isn't just the network effects of installed base (lack thereof)
> that are holding Theora back. Theora is not technically as advanced
> as H.264 or WMV9 (or even H.263 apparently). In general, a Theora-
> encoded video requires more CPU power for decompression than a
> comparable video encoded using a codec encumbered by the MPEG-LA
> portfolio. Also, to achieve similar subjective quality, you need more
> bits with Theora than with recent codecs encumbered by the MPEG-LA
> portfolio.

It's true that Ogg Theora is far from ideal (given the recent advancements
we've had).  But we still use GIFs when PNGs are superior... because GIF are
"good enough" in alot of cases.

Even with Ogg Theora's short comings, having it be the defacto standard
video format for video on the web (and even the Internet) would help things

We need something after all, that is unencumbed, to become the defacto
standard Video format.  And what else is there?  Really... I think Ogg
Theora is "good enough".

See ya

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