[whatwg] Server-sent events or Server-sent DOM events?

akusaya at gmx.net akusaya at gmx.net
Fri Sep 1 19:49:13 PDT 2006

Since Opera made a demo of the above technology, I want to publicize
it more. But I'm confused as what term is more suitable. There are two
mention of this technology in

In Abstract section,

"This specification introduces features to HTML and the DOM that ease
the authoring of Web-based applications. Additions include the context
menus, a direct-mode graphics canvas, inline popup windows, and
*server-sent events*."

But in Section 7.1,

7.1. [SCS] *Server-sent DOM events*

Which one is the correct term for that?

Or is Server-sent DOM events a more specific name for Server-sent

Thank you.

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