[whatwg] WhatWG and <embed>

Shadow2531 shadow2531 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 10:56:46 PDT 2006

On 9/5/06, Boris Zbarsky <bzbarsky at mit.edu> wrote:
> Shadow2531 wrote:
> > However, see <http://shadow2531.com/opera/testcases/plugins/wmp/004.html>
> >
> > That works in Opera, but doesn't in Firefox. It seems that Firefox  is
> > not using the codebase to resolve the data attribute before mapping it
> > to src.
> Which Firefox version?  I see Firefox doing:
> GET /opera/testcases/plugins/wmp/000.wax HTTP/1.1
> Host: shadow2531.com
> in a current trunk (Minefield) build.

Before posting that, I tried in Minefield and just to make
sure. They both fail to play the file.

If Firefox does use codebase to resolve data for WMP before mapping to
src, then the WMP plugin should get
http://shadow2531.com/opera/testcases/plugins/wmp/000.wax for the src
param value, but it doesn't look like that's what the plugin gets as
you can't play the file in Firefox.

 Right-clicking on the wmp window and choosing "error details" -> more
information, will show "C00D1197: Cannot play the file". That's
because WMP most likely only got "opera/testcases/plugins/wmp/000.wax"
passed to it for the src param.

Or, if Firefox downloads the file itself and then passes the local
path of the file to the plugin, something may be wrong there. ( Not
sure as I don't know how it's done exactly. )

Hope that helps.


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