[whatwg] Hacking away on forms ... (fwd)

Dave Raggett dsr at w3.org
Sun Sep 10 09:29:02 PDT 2006

On Sun, 10 Sep 2006, Anne van Kesteren wrote:

> On Sun, 10 Sep 2006 14:19:02 +0200, Dave Raggett <dsr at w3.org> wrote:
>> You can then use view source to look at the source markup. Let me 
>> know if you want to create some more tests. For example, it's 
>> possible that the results will vary according to whether IE is in 
>> quirks mode or not.
> It seems you're currently "testing" in quirks mode. I suggest we 
> only look at standards mode as that's relevant for the HTML5 
> parsing section.

Well I tried removing the XML declaration and adding the doctype
for XHTML, but it doesn't seem to have made any difference.


p.s. I was using the info on quirks mode at:


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