[whatwg] scripts that remove focus from links during document navigation

Lachlan Hunt lachlan.hunt at lachy.id.au
Wed Sep 20 09:17:30 PDT 2006

Hallvord R M Steen wrote:
> Opera has a serious usability problem for keyboard- and device-users when
> pages do the following:
> <a href="" onfocus="this.blur()">
> We need some prose in a spec that allows a user agent to ignore blur() for
> accessibility reasons...
> I'm not sure what spec to put it in, and we've also discussed possible
> collateral damage if sites use this in legitimate ways. Thoughts?

What legitimate use cases are there for blur()?  I've never used it, 
I've never never seen it used in a way that hasn't forced me to disable 
script to workaround it, and my searches only found explanations of how 
to use it, not why or when to use it.

Lachlan Hunt

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