[whatwg] Default (informal) Style Sheet

Asbjørn Ulsberg asbjorn at ulsberg.no
Mon Apr 2 03:35:42 PDT 2007

On Sun, 01 Apr 2007 12:35:02 +0200, Kempen, E.J.F. van  
<e.j.f.v.kempen at student.tue.nl> wrote:

> What exactly are you looking for? Defining that 'normal' text is black  
> by default and links are blue-ish? Because that's done already, most  
> default styles are uniformly, but maybe informally, defined.

Where? If anything, there's got to be a lot of stuff not properly defined  
and not adhered to by the browser vendors, because as Martin Atkins  
writes, there are still inconsistencies and CSS is still not able to fully  
describe everything that has a style in HTML.

With CSS2.1, how would you style the button you get from an <input  
type="file"> for instance?

> I personally think such a complementary document, about the default  
> styles, is a good idea. These issues should certainly be addressed in  
> cooperation with the CSS WG.
> Any other thoughts?

If the HTML spec is going to contain informal fragments of Relax-NG, I  
believe there's a place for informal fragments of CSS as well.

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