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Charles Iliya Krempeaux supercanadian at gmail.com
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Do any of the existing web archive formats out there store the "ETag" or
"Last-Modified" of the resources it is archiving?

See ya

On 4/11/07, Tyler Keating <tylerkeating at mac.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I apologize if I've missed this in the specification or mailing
> archives, but I have a suggestion related to standardizing web
> "archives" in HTML5.  Currently, I know that Firefox uses Mozilla
> Archive Format (.maf), Internet Explorer and Opera use MIME HTML
> (.mht)  and Safari uses its own format (.webarchive) for saving a web
> page and all of its resources into a single file.  So clearly a
> standard would be beneficial in ensuring "archive" compatibility
> between browsers and I think it's suitable for that standard to
> reside in HTML5.
> I don't believe this would be very difficult to standardize and the
> solution may be nothing more than a collection of random files
> wrapped into a ZIP compressed archive with a unique extension similar
> to a JAR or ODF file.  The unique extension would be recognized by
> browsers, email clients and editors, which could then extract and
> display the root file directly (ex. index.html).  The root file would
> obviously contain relative URIs to any other HTML, JavaScript, CSS,
> images and other files in the archive so the internal structure may
> not be important and the browser would not need any new rules to
> interpret individual files once it has uncompressed the archive into
> memory.  This would facilitate passing HTML based documents around
> that could be viewed with any browser, yet appear as a small single
> file.
> -Tyler

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