[whatwg] HTTP's Referer and Set-Cookie2 headers

Martin Atkins mart at degeneration.co.uk
Tue Apr 17 11:47:57 PDT 2007

Nicholas Shanks wrote:
> May I suggest that you also allow the DOM "referrer" attribute to match 
> a HTTP "Referrer" header if one is present, and fall back to the 
> "Referer" header otherwise. This provides for HTML 5 compliant UAs to be 
> forwards compatible with a potential future HTTP spec that fixes the typo.

I think it would be the responsibility of that hypothetical future HTTP 
spec to describe backwards-compatibility requirements. Having everything 
that depends on HTTP have language about handling a possible future 
extension of HTTP that doesn't even exist is likely to result in lots of 
conflicting requirements.

Or is there actually a new version of HTTP under discussion somewhere 
that I've missed?

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