[whatwg] Looking at menus in HTML5...

Křištof Želechovski giecrilj at stegny.2a.pl
Wed Aug 8 10:38:17 PDT 2007

First of all, your example renders as CopyCtrl-C so you really need a quad
space in between. 
Second, using a typewriter font in a menu is a bad idea because it is wider
than ordinary text and it attracts more attention than the menu label
itself, which is an evident annoyance.  If you really have to, use ^C or
instead-or ⎈C, except that nobody really understands the latter sign
in spite of what the Unicode standard says and Microsoft Windows renders it
as a square (glyph missing).
Happy coding,

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> On Tue, 7 Aug 2007, Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:
>> Pure text? Why?
> With HTML5 we're following a design principle of not biting off more than
> we can chew at once -- so the initial design is intended to be very
> conservative.

I think that

<menu type="context-menu">

is conservative enough as it allows me to define typical menus.

All modern UAs have their own implementation of menus
so they already can "chew" menu items with markup and styling.

Otherwise <menu> should not use <li> but <option> or so.
But this will not be backward compatible.

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