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Křištof Želechovski giecrilj at stegny.2a.pl
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I had motoric disabilities in mind.
The simplest way to generate menu item mnemonics is to do it incrementally, as in autocompletion.  It requires the items to have distinct prefixes so having both "Save" and "Save as..." is unacceptable.  Another possibility is to use the first letter if it is unique, otherwise repeat pressing the first letter until you arrive at the item you need and press Enter.  It works if the menu is relatively short.
And the Polish term for "Select all" is "Mark all".  It is not a translation but it is commonly used.  It was used for the English interface in ancient text editors, e.g. ChiWriter.

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"I imagine keyboard mnemonics are especially important for people with
disabilities."  - I wouldn't say so. Ian propose to generate mnemonics
automatically as far as I understand. So to be able to use mnemonics someone
should read it first and find that mnemonic letter. By default and without
proper (ususally custom) styling this is extremely hard to do
for people of some groups.

And yet: how you would generate mnemonic for, say, "SELECT ALL"
(ru: "ВЫБРАТЬ ВСЁ", pl: "WYBRAĆ CAŁY" or so)

Andrew Fedoniouk.


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