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First of all, I see no reason additional HTML tags would be helpful or
necessary for what you are describing.

Second, Javascript needs to be provided with more abilities for larger local
storage beyond cookies. Luckily, there has been work on this by the
even early implementation
by Mozilla <http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/DOM:Storage>.

Third, you venture into a new area which I have not yet seen a formal
proposal or specification for: ability for Javascript to access, save, and
generally manipulate files. This is a logical step, the browser is becoming
almost as an operating system on top of your operating system. The web
applications often have nicer interfaces thanks to the ease of XHTML, CSS,
and Javascript. Some web applications are trying to replace desktop
applications altogether. Under careful security parameters, the same XHTML,
CSS, and Javascript pages ought to be able to perform the same kinds of
tasks as any computer application.

There are several ways of doing this. WeBMartians
<webmartians at verizon.net>pointed
out that LiveScript originally had abilities permitted only to local files.
This is the easy way, it would simply let files on your computer do what
files on your computer could always do. For web applications such as Bert is
describing, they could also whitelisted. This should probably only happen
after the user receives a one-time, scary warning message of the dangers to
their computer. That sort of whitelist is probably the best way. Frankly, I
don't really know, but I am convinced that Javascript is the Next Big
Language <http://steve-yegge.blogspot.com/2007/02/next-big-language.html>(well,
at least a language which will continue to grow and prosper) and
should have specifications in place to work with files, even if the security
issues are not yet fully worked out.

Daniel Brumbaugh Keeney
Devi.Webmaster at gMail.com
Devi Web Development
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