[whatwg] Web forms - multiple form submission

Bill Wallace wayfarer3130 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 08:49:34 PDT 2007

According to the current web forms 2.0 proposal,
"Submit buttons and image controls must only submit the first form they are
associated with."
It would be nice to modify this a bit to:
"Submit buttons and image controls must only submit to the first form for
each distinct target they are associated with. "
as that would allow multiple submission for better JavaScript disabled
forms.  This solves one of the signfiicant issues with frames and iframes,
that of not being able to update two of them at the same time.  To do so,

frame F1, F2

Some content contains:

<form target="F1" id="F1Form" />
<form target="F2" id="F2Form" />

<input type="submit" form="F1 F2" />

and this would submit to both F1 and F2, updating both pages.  It would be
convenient if this could be controlled as to timing, but parallel submission
is fine.

I know that XLink solves some of this, but it is not well implemented and
not consistent despite having been out for quite some time.  It also doesn't
work in a pure HTML world.

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