[whatwg] hashchange only dispatched in history traversal

Agustín yo at agustinfernandez.com.ar
Wed Aug 15 10:46:23 PDT 2007



I like anchorchange, I think it's the most descriptive of all the
proposed names. Otherwise, hashchange is good enough for me.

Can the event be preventDefaulted?

Also, could the default action of the event be prevented?

I think that to have a working implementation we shouldn't require that.

404 not found for anchors

There are interesting cases to think of: what happens with anchors which
are not handled by the application? The browser won't know that and will
probably store the "404 not found error" equivalent page in the location
bar autocomplete history. How could this be handled? This problem
doesn't exist just for anchorchange events, since the non-existing
location might be the first url the user visits and then there would be
no opportunity to notify the browser that the url is invalid. Perhaps
this could be handled by adding some method in the "history" object.
Anyway, I guess that we can live without this.

. A .

On Wed, 2007-08-15 at 08:30 -0400, Leons Petrazickis wrote:
> There is an HTMLCollection anchors that only lists <a name="">
> elements. Extending the link-anchor metaphor into Javascript, the
> fragment identifier anchors a DOM state. When a fragment identifier
> changes, the anchor of the DOM state changes.

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