[whatwg] Answering the question... (timing of table headers issue)

John Foliot foliot at wats.ca
Thu Aug 23 12:14:16 PDT 2007

Dan Connolly wrote:
> I sympathize with your frustration, but I ask that you remain patient.


Thank you for your prompt response.  While patience is indeed a virtue, my
(our?) patience is being sorely tested, as while the official word is that
we're nowhere near deciding anything, current editors and contributors are
going ahead and making "pronouncements" that lead many to believe that much
of HTML5 is 'fait accomplis'.  As someone once said to me, you can't suck
and blow at the same time.

To whit:  
* Is Anne ("Standards Suck") van Kesteren out of place to be announcing that
HTML5 has dropped <input usemap>?

* Is Lachlan Hunt definitive when stating, "HTML5 now defines the usemap
attribute as a Hashed ID Reference, not a URI, and can only reference maps
within the same document."
[https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=189643], as well as "HTML5
currently will not be including the usemap attribute on input elements."

* Is From Maciej Stachowiak correct when he states, "This feature is
underspecified in HTML4, and not implemented by IE. It is also likely to be
dropped in HTML5 and may be removed from Mozilla and Opera as a result."

These types of pronouncements *do* tend to send mixed messages, don't you
agree?  If these authors/HTML 5 contributors can be categorically making
these kinds of statements, then is it not unreasonable to expect something
like, "Based upon current feedback, the headers attribute will be preserved
in HTML5" (attribute to whom you wish)?  

I know that these issues have been raised to you previously. If we are to
accept that it is still at the "...*no* design decisions made..." stage then
is it unreasonable for "us" to expect that these types of
statements/pronouncements cease from the editors?  Else, there will continue
to be a perception of "what you say vs. what you do" that outsiders will
continue to question (and continue to revisit - Lachlan's initial



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