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Rikkert Koppes rikkert at finalist.com
Tue Aug 28 01:39:25 PDT 2007

I am currently implementing a js library to make wf2 functionality available to legacy browsers (I know google is doing this too). Some things that came to mind are:

- when validity flags are not set, should they equal null or false?

- this might have been proposed before: consider a reset() method for form controls and fieldsets

- in this light: consider a clearable or resettable boolean attribute for inputs, which might display a "clear" button in the field, as seen in for example the mail filter in thunderbird. This should reset the control to the default value, ie calling the above reset() method, example formatting:
+--- legend [x] -------------------+
|                                  |
|    +----------------------+      |
|    |                   [x]|      |
|    +----------------------+      |
which shows a clear button on a fieldset and input field. Note that Opera's date related fields also have an "none" button, which might be equivalent of the above

- are negative years allowed (B.C.)? the datetime description tells me "four or more digits (0 to 9) representing the year" which implies "no". use case: hystory questionary

Rikkert Koppes

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