[whatwg] Removal of Ogg is *preposterous*

Geoffrey Sneddon foolistbar at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 11 10:15:07 PST 2007

On 11 Dec 2007, at 18:09, Manuel Amador (Rudd-O) wrote:

> Fact: Vorbis is the *only* codec whose patent status has been widely
> researched, nearly to exhaustion.  Repeating the same FUD over and  
> over again
> (which you just did) may lead the world to believe this to be false,  
> but it's
> TRUE.  You should at least have talked to Monty @ Xiph before  
> jumping to rash
> conclusions.

So undisclosed patents have been looked at? How?

Geoffrey Sneddon

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