[whatwg] Removal of Ogg - eyes on you

Andrew Harris harrisaw at vcu.edu
Tue Dec 11 10:15:36 PST 2007

You all have garnered quite the attention over removing Ogg 
Vorbis/Theora as a recommended audio/video codec in HTML5.  Just a 
reminder: the rest of the Internet is watching, and is hoping with all 
its heart that you do the Right Thing here.



They (we?) also seem to think you have done the world quite the 
injustice in bending to corporate fears over submarines.  It's the fault 
of the vendors for not fully researching their own codecs, before 
putting millions of dollars and man-hours behind implementing such. 
Vorbis and Theora seem to be the safest options in avoiding such things. 
  And they're still technologically competitive!

Specify an open format as your recommendation (or specify simply that 
the format simply MUST BE an open format!), and let the vendors 
implement it thusly.  Don't buy into the FUD - it's a sign of malicious 
laziness and/or outright subversion, on the part of your corporate 

-Andrew Harris

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