[whatwg] Removal of Ogg is *preposterous*

Manuel Amador (Rudd-O) rudd-o at rudd-o.com
Tue Dec 11 12:14:50 PST 2007

Chris Double.  That's the guy who concocted Theora support into the video tag. 
Check this link out:


It's not only on HTML, as you can see.  SVG also!

El Mar 11 Dic 2007, Geoffrey Sneddon escribió:
> On 11 Dec 2007, at 19:04, Manuel Amador (Rudd-O) wrote:
> > You are right.  My bad.  Why don't we write in the spec?
> >
> > "Examples of widely recognized free-for-use audio formats are Ogg
> > Vorbis and
> > FLAC"
> It was intended as meaning "recognized" in the sense of browsers
> recognising them. No currently shipping browser recognises either Ogg
> Vorbis or FLAC.
> > The answer to that question is that Apple and Nokia don't want us to
> > use Ogg
> > Vorbis because they sell their own, encumbered tech and we would be
> > less
> > likely to license (read: give them monopoly rents) their tech.  The
> > very
> > MENTION of Ogg in the spec threatens their monopoly rents, and
> > that's why
> > they had it removed.
> >
> > It's just dollars.
> Apple does not license Apple Lossless to anyone else AFAIK, and the
> only standards that MPEG-LA collects money for that Apple receives any
> share of whatsoever is "MPEG-4 Systems" and IEEE 1394 (Firewire).
> Neither of these have anything to do with audio/video codecs. Saying
> that Apple has a financial interest in wanting MPEG codecs mandated in
> HTML 5 is totally untrue.
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> Geoffrey Sneddon
> <http://gsnedders.com/>


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